About Us

The beginning of Tybee Lite Shrine Club came from a vision by a group of Shriners to build a club house on top of an old battery, Battery Brumbee (built in 1890’s). First a charter was approved by Alee Shrine Center on December 16, 1980. On January 30, 1981, the City of Tybee Island signed a lease agreement. The work to restore the battery and build a clubhouse was started. The first building was half the size of our current facility, it didn’t have air conditioning, elevator or kitchen. There was a screened porch with beach and ocean views. Today the club can seat up to 200 people for meetings, banquets, family reunions, etc.

Our Goal…

Tybee Lite Shriners like all Shriners have a major goal in life, To raise funds to help support Shrine Hospitals for crippled and burned children. When you rent from us you help us meet our goals.

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